he Troubling State of Western Diplomacy: A Sleepy Slumber in the Balkans…!

By: Vudi Xhymshiti

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Western Diplomacy’s Troubling Slumber: Unmasking Balkan Injustice. Serbia’s unchecked aggression, fuelled by complacent powers, threatens peace.
AUG 18

In recent years, Western diplomacy has taken a disconcerting turn, particularly in its handling of the volatile situation in the Balkans. The case of Serbia stands out as a glaring example of the failures and shortcomings of Western powers when it comes to upholding justice, accountability, and the protection of human rights. From their ineffectual response to Serbia’s alignment with Moscow to their reluctance to address Serbia’s history of aggression and war crimes, Western diplomats have shown a concerning lack of resolve and a dangerous level of complacency.

One cannot ignore the fact that Serbia’s foreign policy shift towards the Kremlin occurred just months after Russia’s brazen invasion of Ukraine. While the world recoiled in horror at Russia’s aggression, Serbia shamelessly refused to impose sanctions on its historical ally and even went as far as to supply weapons to aid in the maiming and killing of unarmed Ukrainian civilians. This callous disregard for human life is inexcusable, yet Western powers, such as the European Union and the United States, have failed to hold Serbia accountable for its actions.

Furthermore, Western diplomats played a disconcerting role in Serbia’s resurgence and its subsequent destabilization of the Balkans. Emboldened by the lack of consequences for its actions, Serbia embarked on a dangerous path of separatist movements in Bosnia and Herzegovina, political disturbances in Montenegro, and territorial and political aggression against the democratic republic of Kosovo. Yet, while Serbia brazenly committed acts of aggression, the EU and the US turned a blind eye, inexplicably allowing Serbia to get away with murder.

The hypocrisy of Western diplomats is further exemplified by their response to Kosovo’s legitimate self-defence measures against Serbia’s aggression. Instead of holding Serbia accountable for its territorial and political aggression, the EU and the US have the audacity to call upon Kosovo for accountability. This double standard is not only unjust but also reveals a disturbing bias in Western diplomacy.

It is both puzzling and alarming that Western diplomats have failed to address the elephant in the room: Serbia’s leadership under the former propaganda minister of Milosevic, a man who justified and praised war crimes and crimes against humanity. The fact that Serbia’s current leadership continues to celebrate and honour convicted war criminals, despite their atrocities, is a clear indication of the deeply rooted fascist ideology that permeates the country. Yet Western powers, including the Biden Administration, have displayed a disconcerting level of inaction and even apathy towards this grave situation.

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Botuar: 19/08/2023

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