History’s Secret Heroes: The Captivating Account of Albanian’s Extraordinary Altruism in Saving Jews


In the darkest times, Albanians emerged as beacons of hope, defying fear to shelter persecuted Jews. Their extraordinary acts of courage and compassion illuminate humanity’s true potential.

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The BBC’s Sounds Podcast “History’s Secret Heroes” takes listeners on a gripping journey through the remarkable story of Aslan Rezniqi, an Albanian hero who saved numerous Jewish people during World War II. With actress Helena Bonham Carter as the narrator, the podcast paints a vivid picture of the extraordinary acts of altruism and humanitarian commitment displayed by Aslan Rezniqi, an ordinary man who risked his life to rescue those in need. This emotional and inspiring tale resonates deeply, leaving listeners awash with tears of joy and inspiration.

History’s Secret Heroes: Aslan Rezniqi and the Besa Code.
The podcast opens with a scene of unrest in Kosovo, as government troops clash with ethnic Albanians and the minority Serb community. Against this backdrop, Helena Bonham Carter sets the stage, explaining the political context that led to the eruption of violence. As Slobodan Milosevic strips Kosovo of its autonomy, protests escalate, and concerns about an impending war grow internationally.

One of the key figures in this story is Shirley Cloyes DioGuardi, representing the Albanian American Civic League. She and her husband, Congressman Joseph DioGuardi, were among the first US officials to enter Albania in nearly half a century. It was during their visit to Albania that they stumbled upon a thick file from the communist archives containing documents dating back to World War II. Among the contents were intercepted letters from Jews seeking help from Albanians, highlighting their desperate efforts to escape Nazi persecution.

The podcast reveals that Albania had a larger Jewish population at the end of the war than at the beginning, a testament to the heroic actions of ordinary Albanians. As Helena Bonham Carter’s voice conveys, these brave individuals risked their lives to shelter, feed, and protect Jewish refugees fleeing from Germany, Austria, and Nazi-occupied Balkan territories. Families, like Aslan Rezniqi’s, took Jews into their homes, providing sanctuary and moving them to safer locations whenever necessary.

Aslan Rezniqi rode in the back of a car used to transport Jews from Nazi-occupied Macedonia to safe hide-outs. A truck was also used and over time, Mr. Rezniqi moved 400 Jews to Decan, in Kosovo. (Credit: Albanian American Civic League/The New York Times)
As the podcast delves deeper into the life of Aslan Rezniqi, his character and background come to the forefront. Rezniqi was a respected food merchant and trader in Pristina, Kosovo. Known for his fairness and integrity, he was well-liked among the local farmers and traders, regardless of their religious or ethnic backgrounds. Rezniqi’s Muslim faith did not hinder his commitment to his Albanian identity, and it was this identity that played a pivotal role in his extraordinary acts of courage.

Listeners are introduced to the concept of “Besa,” a code of honour deeply ingrained in Albanian culture. Besa represents an unyielding commitment to protect guests, even at the risk of one’s own life. As the podcast recounts, when Rezniqi extended Besa to Jewish families seeking refuge, he was making a solemn pact that would endure regardless of the circumstances. The strength of Besa resonated with Rezniqi’s neighbours in Deçan, who supported him and alerted him whenever police or army searches were imminent.

Throughout the podcast, the story of Aslan Rezniqi unfolds with rich detail. Listeners gain insight into his family life, his love for nature, and his deep-rooted sense of hospitality. Rezniqi’s generosity extended beyond providing shelter and food; it embodied the essence of the Albanian saying, “Bread, salt, and heart,” emphasizing the genuine care and compassion he offered to those in need as testified by Rezniqi’s grand grandson Leka featured in this podcast.

The narrative takes a poignant turn as Rezniqi’s own son Mustafa falls seriously ill with typhoid fever. It is during this time that fate intervenes, as Dr Haim Abravanel, a Jewish doctor passing through Deçan with his military unit, gets recognized by one of the Jewish refugees hiding in the Rezniqi home.

Dr Abravanel was astounded by the level of bravery and compassion displayed by Aslan Rezniqi. Despite the risks involved, Dr Abravanel decided to help the Rezniqi family by providing medical treatment to their son.

This encounter deepened the bond between Rezniqi and Dr Abravanel, leading to a unique collaboration between an Albanian Muslim and a Jewish doctor. Together, they worked tirelessly to ensure the safety and well-being of the Jewish refugees under their care. Dr. Abravanel’s medical expertise combined with Rezniqi’s network and resources proved to be a formidable force in protecting those seeking refuge.

The podcast recounts numerous heartwarming anecdotes of Rezniqi’s bravery and resourcefulness. According to Leka, his grand grandfather, cleverly disguised Jewish refugees as workers in his trading business, enabling them to move more freely and avoid suspicion. Rezniqi’s connections and knowledge of the region allowed him to coordinate the safe passage of Jewish families across borders, guiding them to the next safe haven.

As the war raged on and the situation grew increasingly dangerous, Aslan Rezniqi faced numerous challenges and close calls. There were moments when his own life hung in the balance, but his unwavering commitment to the principles of Besa and his determination to save lives propelled him forward. His actions inspired others to join in the rescue efforts, resulting in a network of Albanian families working together to protect Jewish refugees.

The podcast highlights the impact of Rezniqi’s actions by sharing the testimonies of survivors who owe their lives to his courage and selflessness. These survivors express profound gratitude for Rezniqi and emphasize the lasting impact he had on their lives and the lives of their descendants.

The story of Aslan Rezniqi is not only a testament to the resilience and humanity of individuals in times of great adversity but also a reminder of the power of compassion and solidarity. Through his actions, Aslan Rezniqi saved the lives of numerous Jewish refugees, leaving an indelible mark on history.

As the podcast draws to a close, the narrator reflects on the enduring legacy of Aslan Rezniqi and his fellow Albanian heroes who risked everything to protect the persecuted. Their story serves as a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there are individuals who rise above hatred and fear to uphold the values of compassion and humanity.

“History’s Secret Heroes” not only sheds light on a lesser-known chapter of World War II but also celebrates the extraordinary acts of ordinary people who became beacons of hope in a time of darkness. It is a captivating and emotional journey that leaves listeners with a renewed sense of faith in the power of goodness and the ability of individuals to make a difference.

Meanwhile, the profound impact of a secret file bestowed upon Congressman Lantos and Shirley and Joe DioGuardi by the President of Albania ignites an unwavering determination to honour the work of Albanians, mirroring Aslan Rezniqi’s courageous efforts in rescuing Jewish refugees during the war. In a momentous turn of events, Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, bestows upon Aslan Rezniqi the prestigious title of “Righteous Among the Nations” in 2008, a testament to his selfless actions in saving the lives of approximately 400 Jewish individuals, as documented by The New York Times. The award was accepted by Mustafa in Pristina on his father’s behalf, but tragedy casts its shadow as he too passes away shortly after the ceremony. Yet, the legacy of Aslan Rezniqi endures. In poignant reflection, Lekë Rezniqi, Aslan’s great-grandson, pledges to carry forward his great-grandfather’s noble work, becoming the third generation of rescuers. As the podcast draws to a close, BBC’s Helena Bonham Carter aptly captures the essence of Aslan Rezniqi’s enduring Besa—a timeless commitment to honour, sacrifice, and unwavering humanity. Through every endeavour, Lekë Rezniqi finds inspiration in his great grandfather’s memory, steadfastly following in his footsteps. This remarkable podcast is a testament to the power of remembrance, the resilience of the human spirit, and the profound impact of one individual’s unwavering determination to make a difference. It is an inspiring narrative that demands to be heard. I encourage you to delve into the extraordinary tale of Aslan Rezniqi and embrace the enduring legacy of Besa.

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