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Audio Reveals Kosovo Media Scandal! Accused journalists Vehbi Kajtazi & Berat Buzhala spread propaganda, in an aim to tarnish Kosova’s international relations.

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In a riveting audio recording, I stumbled upon an intriguing dialogue involving prominent figures in the Kosovo media landscape, Vehbi Kajtazi and Berat Buzhala. 🎙️ These journalists have been accused of spreading misinformation and propaganda, tarnishing Kosovo’s international relations according to a 2021 European Parliament report.

My own three-year investigation uncovered Kajtazi’s biased reporting, backing Serbia’s narrative of terrorism in Kosovo.

🕵️‍♂️ Buzhala, a former Parliament member, is now accused of using stolen taxpayer money to establish media outlets discrediting the current democratically elected government in favour of parties associated with organized crime.

Take a good read below as I delve into the audio recording’s content, shedding light on the worrying involvement of financial intelligence agencies and questionable funding sources behind these media outlets. 📰 Let’s uncover the truth and make our own informed judgments! 🧐

In the audio recording provided by the “Kosova Post” outlet, I listened to two interesting individuals in the Kosovo media landscape. The first one is Vehbi Kajtazi from the “insajderi” outlet, and the other is Berat Buzhala. According to a 2021 report from the European Parliament, both individuals are accused of spreading misinformation and propaganda to portray Kosovo as “incapable of maintaining international relations with its allies.” During my own investigation spanning three years from 2012 to 2015, I found that Vehbi Kajtazi, as a journalist, tirelessly used findings on #terrorism to support #Serbia’s narrative and political campaign, presenting Kosovo as a hotbed of terrorism. This discovery came after spending ten months reporting on the Syrian civil war and returning to #Kosovo to dig deeper into the stories of people I had met in #Syria. They claimed they joined the Free Syrian Army in response to a public call from the then Foreign Minister, Enver Hoxhaj (Enver_Hoxhaj). To my dismay, I found unethical reporting and deliberate use of information to bolster Serbia’s narrative, with Vehbi Kajtazi being involved in this campaign. Berat Buzhala, a former member of Parliament, served under former Prime Minister and President Hashim Thaçi. #Thaçi has been labelled by mainstream Western outlets as the “Mafia boss of the Balkans” due to his alleged criminal ties and activities. Thaçi stepped down from the presidency after facing allegations of crimes and war crimes against humanity. #Buzhala and his associates are now using stolen taxpayer money to establish multiple media outlets that engage in copy-paste reporting. Their aim is to discredit the newly democratically elected government of Kosovo and support the return of the deposed political parties associated with organized crime and corruption. Now, I am eager to share what these two individuals, Kajtazi and Buzhala, are saying in the audio recording.

NOTE: The public should be aware that my views on this matter are subjective. However, I make an effort to present a balanced perspective based on sixteen years of observation and journalistic investigation findings during my work in Kosovo.

Both individuals involved in this situation, Vehbi Kajtazi and Buzhala, seem to be concerned about the ongoing investigation by the authorities. From my perspective, Kajtazi appears to be particularly worried about the involvement of financial intelligence agencies in uncovering the source of funding for his outlet, “insajderi.” Similar to other media outlets in Kosovo, there is no publicly available information about the origins of their funding. However, Kajtazi’s outlet has a record of engaging in illegal spying and publishing telephone conversations targeting authorities in Kosovo. The legitimacy of these records and their ability to avoid scrutiny and accountability raises questions. It is worth noting that Vehbi Kajtazi, a wealthy journalist and the founder of “insajderi,” has never disclosed the sources of his financial backing. During a meeting, which I believe was organized by Devolli Corporation according to the “Kosova Post” news outlet, Kajtazi suggests a tactic to sabotage the government’s coverage in hopes of preventing further investigation into the questionable funding sources of his outlet and others that have emerged since the fall of organized crime’s reign. Buzhala also speaks during the meeting, but the content of his statements remains unclear. He claims that this government poses a threat to their existence. It is important to acknowledge that both Kajtazi and Buzhala seek the attention of international news outlets to depict the Kosovan government as a serious threat to press freedom.

While I cannot ascertain the exact date of this meeting as the “Kosova Post” does not provide that information, I can confirm that both Buzhala and Kajtazi have strong ties to the Devolli Corporation. This corporation has been found to evade taxes by registering at least seven companies in Serbia, including the broadcast TV channel KLAN Kosova. According to revelations from Kosova News outlet, KLAN Kosova has received funding and partial ownership from Telekom Serbia. Additionally, KLAN Kosova’s practice of registering its owner using Kosovan cities under Serbia undermines the constitutional and territorial integrity of Kosovo, which aligns with Serbia’s constitution claiming Kosovo as an integral part of Serbia.

It is important to note that the “Kosova Post” outlet demonstrates an editorial policy that favours the current government’s narrative. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that they do not interpret the recordings but rather provide them for the public to make their own judgments based on what they hear.

This is in contrast to Buzhala’s alleged spying on the government and spending a significant amount of time trying to convince the public on the basis of their interpretations of the records that somehow Gov is wrong.

The public should also be informed that following the tensions in northern Kosovo last year, all outlets associated with Berat Buzhala and Vehbi Kajtazi delivered an editorial narrative that seemed to support Serbia’s political discourse against the Republic of Kosovo. The funding behind this narrative remains unknown, and they have a responsibility to respond and inform the public. During the turmoil, Buzhala claimed to have travelled by commercial plane to Belgrade to interview former Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Draskovic, who served under the Milosevic regime. However, there are unverified allegations from the international intelligence community that on the day Buzhala claims to have flown from Tirana to Belgrade, no commercial flights were available. It is believed that at least three private jets interacted with Belgrade airport from Tirana.

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