The Weaponisation of Media: A Personal Stand Against Berat Buzhala’s Malicious Campaign
Berat Buzhala’s malicious campaign against me, fabricating evidence and spreading falsehoods, is a direct threat to journalism’s integrity and our democratic principles.

JUN 04, 2024
On May 6, 2024, I published a meticulously researched investigative article on Berat Buzhala, a former politician turned media mogul in Kosovo. In response, Buzhala has launched a malicious campaign against me, employing deceit and manipulation to discredit my work and tarnish my reputation. This campaign, culminating in a fabricated accusation on June 4, 2024, is not just a personal attack but a direct threat to the social fabric, trust in journalism, and the very essence of the fourth estate of democracy.

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The recent developments began when I uncovered and published evidence of Buzhala’s deep and troubling connections with powerful and corrupt figures in Kosovo, including former President Hashim Thaçi and notorious criminal Zvonko Veselinovic. My investigation detailed Buzhala’s involvement in dubious business dealings, such as a failed quarry operation and a lucrative, non-transparent contract for the Pristina-Tirana highway through his company, Arena Invest. These revelations painted a picture of systemic corruption and political manipulation, challenging Buzhala’s self-portrayal as a victim of political machinations.

The response from Buzhala was swift and malicious. On April 27, 2024, he released a video on his personal Facebook account and his media outlet, NACIONALE, where he launched a series of personal attacks against me. He described me as a “useful idiot” and a “troll,” attempting to undermine my credibility by painting me as a disinformation agent. This video reached over 171,000 viewers on Facebook, 64,000 on TikTok, and 47,000 on YouTube. Buzhala’s reach and influence were evident, as he used his media platforms to propagate these unfounded claims, damaging my reputation and attempting to discredit my investigative work.

The situation escalated on June 4, 2024, when Buzhala posted a screenshot of an invoice, falsely claiming it was evidence of my financial ties to Russian-Serbian sources. The invoice, from a £5 donation Buzhala himself made to my Gunpowder Chronicles blog, was manipulated to suggest a connection to criminal figures sanctioned by the US government. This act of deception was a calculated move to fabricate evidence and bolster his baseless accusations. It was a glaring example of how Buzhala weaponises media to serve his personal vendettas, disregarding the ethical standards of journalism.

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Botuar: 07/06/2024

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