Kosovo President Calls for Sanctions Against Serbia at European Summit

Vudi Xhymshiti

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During the European summit in Spain, President Osmani of Kosovo urged for sanctions against Serbia, emphasising the need for border security and European support for regional peace.

Granada, Spain, THE FRONTLINER Magazine – During the European leaders’ summit in Spain, the President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, emphasized the need for sanctions against Serbia before initiating any dialogue. Addressing the media, Osmani stated, “There is no reason to meet before sanctions are imposed on Vučić; firstly sanctions, and then we can talk about other matters.”

Demand for Sanctions and European Support

President Osmani stressed the importance of international support in securing Kosovo’s borders, especially in the aftermath of the September 24th attack in Banjskë. She urged European leaders for assistance in ensuring Kosovo’s border with Serbia, emphasizing that this security was vital for regional peace and stability.

“Kosovo now needs more security around its borders. I am here to seek the support of European leaders to secure our border with Serbia because it is fundamental to maintain peace and stability in the Western Balkans region,” Osmani emphasized during the summit in Granada.

She reiterated that without sanctioning Serbia, the dialogue process would be compromised, allowing Vučić to normalize his image as an aggressor. Osmani firmly stated that the first step must be sanctions against Serbia, followed by security guarantees from the EU for Kosovo.

Osmani’s Optimism and Spain’s Role

Expressing optimism about Spain’s stance towards Kosovo and Serbia’s actions, Osmani stated, “Spain is a country contributing to peace and stability throughout the continent. I hope they understand that supporting an aggressor, for whom there is clear evidence from September 24, will not help peace and stability. I hope Spain will follow the path of other states in taking action against Serbia for this act, not only against Kosovo but also against the peace and security of all of Europe.”

Regarding a potential meeting with Serbia’s leader, Vučić, The Guardian reported low chances of it happening during the summit. Although there have been efforts to arrange a meeting, there have been no official invitations for the leaders to convene.

European Parliament’s Resolution
Meanwhile, the European Parliament is set to vote on a resolution regarding the recent developments in the Serbia-Kosovo dialogue, including the situation in the northern municipalities of Kosovo. The debate on the document, titled “Resolution on recent developments in the Serbia-Kosovo dialogue, including the situation in the northern municipalities of Kosovo,” was held on Tuesday, a day after social democrats in the European Parliament called for the debate to be turned into a resolution.

In a heated debate, Members of the European Parliament demanded the de-escalation of the situation in the north and advocated for Serbia’s punishment if it is found responsible for the armed attack in Banjskë. Proposed measures against Serbia, if proven to be involved in the Banjskë attack, range from suspending high-level meetings to complete suspension of financing from the IPA3 program and major infrastructure projects.

The draft resolution text is yet to be made public, pending the parliamentary vote on October 19, 2023.

The summit in Granada remains a pivotal moment for Kosovo, as it strives for international support in the face of escalating tensions with Serbia, underlining the region’s need for peace, stability, and collaborative dialogue.

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