Protest in front of the Ministry of Justice against the extradition of Dritan Goxhaj


The next protest for the release of KLA activist Dritan Goxhaj was held today in front of the Ministry of Justice in Tirana.

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The citizens gathered in the protest have stated that Goxhaj is innocent, while they oppose his extradition.

“Labëria, Çamëria, Dardania are proud of Goxhajn, Albania imprisoned you”, is the slogan of this protest that accompanies the citizens.

Dritan Goxhaj was arrested on July 31 in Tirana for the purpose of extradition, following the request of the Special Court of Kosovo, as he is accused of revealing the names of witnesses in the trial against the leaders of the KLA.

In the official reaction of the Prosecutor’s Office, it is stated that he will be extradited to Kosovo at the end of the proceedings.

As the re-evaluation of the security measure was requested, the “prison arrest” measure for Goxhajn was left in force.

Meanwhile, the lawyer appealed to the Appeal the measure of ‘imprisonment’ for Goxhajn, which was decided days before by the court, but this was rejected.

Goxhaj is the son of the former deputy chief of staff of the KLA and the well-known colonel from Albania, Dilaver Goxhaj. He voluntarily joined the war in Kosovo and accompanied the American troops in 1999.

Redaksia, diplomacia. dk nuk e merr përgjegjësinë për pikëpamjet e autorit në shkrimin e botuar!


Botuar: 19/08/2023

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