Terrorist Attack Claims Life of Kosovo Police Officer in Northern Kosovo


Kosovo’s Prime Minister Albin Kurti condemned a terrorist attack on police officers, calling it an assault on their state and emphasising the need for justice.

SEP – 24 2023

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Mitrovica, Kosovo – September 24, 2023 – In a shocking and tragic incident, a police officer has been killed as a result of attacks in the village of Banjska in Northern Mitrovica. Another police officer has been wounded in the attack.

Kosovo’s Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, took to Facebook to announce that the Kosovo Police had come under attack in Banjska at around 3 in the morning. As a result of the attack, a rank-and-file police officer identified as A.B. lost his life, and another border police officer was injured. He mentioned that gunfire was still ongoing at the time of his post.

“At around 3 o’clock this morning, in the village of Banjska in Leposavic, the Kosovo Police were attacked, resulting in the death of one Kosovo police officer and the injury of another. The deceased was a regular police officer, while the injured individual was a border police officer. Gunfire of various calibres is still being directed at our police. The attackers are professionals, masked, and heavily armed,” Kurti wrote on Facebook.

He also confirmed that the injured police officer is currently out of life-threatening danger.
“We condemn this criminal and terrorist attack. Organized crime, supported politically, financially, and logistically by official Belgrade, is assaulting our state. In this battle, we uphold and enforce the law, protect and serve all citizens regardless of their background, and safeguard the independent Kosovo. The perpetrators, both the executors and those giving orders, will fail, be apprehended, tried, and punished. The government of the Republic of Kosovo and state institutions are prepared and coordinated to respond to crime and criminals, terrorism, and terrorists. The Kosovo Police have informed the family of the deceased police officer A.B. The injured police officer is out of immediate danger. Condolences to the family and to everyone for our fallen officer. A speedy and complete recovery to the injured officer,” Kurti concluded.

Police: Attack Began with Blocking of the Bridge by Two Unlicensed Trucks

The police have issued a statement regarding the attack in Northern Kosovo early on Sunday morning, which resulted in the death of a police officer and the injury of another.

According to the police report, the incident began with the blocking of a bridge at the entrance of the village of Banjska by two unlicensed trucks.

“Units from the Zvecan Police Station responded to the situation upon receiving the information and proceeded with three units toward the location. As they approached the reported blockade, police units encountered resistance from multiple positions, where they were fired upon with various firearms, including grenades and mortars. As a result of the gunfire, two police officers were struck by firearms,” the statement reads.

It further reveals that the wounded police officers were evacuated from the scene and transported to the South Mitrovica Regional Hospital. Medical personnel confirmed the death of one of the severely wounded officers, while two other officers, one injured and one wounded, are currently out of life-threatening danger and have been transferred to the Special Hospital for further medical treatment.

According to the police report, the police units on the ground are being sporadically attacked with firearms from various organized and armed groups.

Konjufca: International Community Must Condemn Serbia for Open Aggression Against Kosovo

The Speaker of the Kosovo Parliament, Glauk Konjufca, has stated that the attack in the village of Banjska in Northern Mitrovica, where one police officer was killed and another injured, constitutes an attack on Kosovo’s constitutional order.

Konjufca has called on the European Union and the United States to condemn Serbia for its open aggression against Kosovo.

Osmani: Attack in the North Is an Assault on Kosovo

Kosovo’s President, Vjosa Osmani, has stated that the killing of a police officer in the early hours of Sunday and the injuring of another was planned and orchestrated by Serbian criminal gangs.

In an attack in the village of Banjska in Northern Mitrovica at around 3 in the morning, a rank-and-file police officer, A.B., lost his life, while a border police officer was wounded.

Developments in the North Force Osmani to Interrupt Official Visit to New York

President Osmani has interrupted her official visit to New York as a result of the recent events in the north.

In an attack in Banjska in Northern Mitrovica at around 3 in the morning, a rank-and-file police officer, A.B., was killed, and a border police officer was injured.

Osmani was on an official visit to New York as part of the United Nations General Assembly.

Haradinaj: Terrorist Attack in the North a Severe Blow to Peace and Stability

The leader of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, has assessed that the recent attack on the police in the north, resulting in the death of one police officer and the injury of another, is a terrorist attack and a severe blow to peace and stability not only in Kosovo but also in the region.

He emphasized that Belgrade must immediately desist from its destabilizing and warlike actions, which have unpredictable consequences for both countries.

A subsequent update reports that one attacker has been arrested, three attackers have been killed, and four other suspects have been arrested. They were found in possession of radios and a significant quantity of weapons, ammunition, and various equipment.

The European Union’s Commissioner for Enlargement, Oliver Varhelyi, condemned the attack and called for an immediate end to the violence. He expressed condolences for the fallen police officer and wished a swift recovery for the injured officers.

EULEX Chief Giovanni Pietro Barbano expressed his shock at the attack and stated that EULEX is ready to support Kosovo’s institutions in this challenging time.

As a security measure, border crossings at Jarinje and Bernjak have been temporarily closed, with citizens advised to use alternative border crossings.

Ambassadors from the QUINT countries met with Prime Minister Kurti to discuss the recent developments in Banjska, Zvecan.

The situation in Northern Kosovo remains tense as authorities respond to a terrorist attack on Kosovo Police officers. The international community, including the European Union and the United States, has condemned the attack and called for an end to the violence. Kosovo’s leadership is actively engaged in addressing the situation and seeking justice for the fallen officer. The incident underscores the ongoing challenges and tensions in the region

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