West Must Protect Kosovo from Serbian and Russian Aggression, Urgent Call by Senior Politicians AUG 7

Vudi Xhymshiti

Figures from Britain and the US state their opposition to a ‘Belgrade-centred policy for the Balkans’ amid continued tensions. In an unprecedented display of unity, ten Chairs of Foreign Affairs Committees and fifty-six Parliamentarians have joined forces to issue a resounding call for a fundamental shift in the approach of the United States, the Europea…

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While the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, has expressed support for Serb participation in the elections, the Serbian List’s expectations seem to sidestep Kosovo’s constitutional requirements. By demanding the resignation of Albanian leaders to clear the path for new elections, they are setting a precedent of political coercion that stands in stark contrast to democratic values.

Furthermore, the troubling events of September 24, 2023, where Milan Radoicic, the deputy chairman of the Serbian List, led a brigade of 100 heavily armed men into Kosovo, illustrate the extreme lengths the party is willing to go to achieve its objectives. Their decision to commemorate the gunmen post-conflict, rather than distance themselves from the grave acts of violence, hints at an unsettling radicalization within the party.

For a political entity to engage in activities that not only disrupt domestic harmony but also pose a threat to international peacekeeping initiatives is cause for grave concern. The FRONTLINER Magazine believes in upholding democratic values, peace, and the sanctity of international agreements. Given the Serbian List’s continued defiance of these principles, it becomes crucial to critically examine their actions, motives, and the potential repercussions of their participation in the elections. All stakeholders, within and beyond Kosovo, must come together to ensure that the democratic process isn’t held hostage by forces that prioritize their agendas over the well-being of the people and peace in the region.

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Botuar: 14/10/2023

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